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Flame in the Flood dev's fantasy village building adventure Drake Hollow out in July

On Xbox One and PC.

Drake Hollow, the exploratory village building adventure from the studio behind The Flame in the Flood, is coming to Xbox One and PC on 17th July.

Unveiled last November, Drake Hollow is quite a departure from developer The Molasses Flood's 2016 rogue-like river survival game, delivering what sounds like a mash-up of fantasy themed farming sim, base defence, and exploration adventure.

Players, plunged into the mysterious world of The Hollow, are tasked with protecting its friendly, vegetable-like inhabitants, known as Drakes. Primarily, that requires constructing a homestead equipped to cater to their every need, providing food and water for sustenance, alongside the likes of treadmills and solar power for electricity, yoga balls and puppet shows for entertainment, and even electric fences for protection.

Cover image for YouTube videoDrake Hollow Announcement Trailer

Drakes, you see, are constantly under threat from The Feral, considerably less jovial creatures that live beyond the village borders. Players - either tackling the challenge on their own or teaming up with friends - must fend off The Feral either through direct combat, using the likes of nail guns and tennis rackets, or by constructing automated defences.

The general loop, then, appears to be that players will need to venture out and explore The Hollow, travelling between dynamically generated regions as the seasons progress, in order to gather supplies required to expand their movable villages and, in turn, explore further.

Drake Hollow, should you now be appropriately intrigued, will be available on Xbox One, the Windows 10 store, Steam, and Game Pass when it releases on 17th July.