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Flagship's casual MMO details

Diablo-inspired game goes alpha.

Casual online adventure Mythos has entered into public alpha testing today, giving you a chance to jump into the action and see what you think.

The game's being developed by Flagship Studios, which is famously made up of brain-boxes that worked on action role-playing game Diablo back in the day, and is due for release later this year.

It's an action MMORPG where you'll be able to play as Elves, Gremlins or Humans, and explore randomised dungeons in an isometric point-and-click style affair. And while grouping is the core-concept, those of you who like to go solo can do just that, using a wealth of skills to win yourself gold, gems, armour and weapons.

"For Mythos, we started with the revolutionary style of gameplay we pioneered in the Diablo franchise," said Phil Shenk, creative director on Mythos and co-founder of Flagship Studios. "Then, by offering it free to download and play, we made it even more accessible to players."

"By designing the Mythos world from the ground-up to be an ever-changing place, we can quickly and seamlessly implement new ideas from a variety of inspirations. Through the continued support of the Flagship community, we are striving to create what will be one of the most innovative role-playing games of recent years."

Flagship is also the force behind Hellgate: London, which we recently learned would include a MMO-style multiplayer mode. Interestingly, it seems the technology powering Mythos will form a strong basis for the game when it launches later this year.

Head over to the Mythos website to get involved.