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First project a success - Jaffe

Twisted Metal port shaping up.

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Ex-God of War boss David Jaffe reckons his first solo project at newly formed studio Eat Sleep Play is a success.

It is a PS2 port of Twisted Metal: Head On, the rather forgettable car combat outing for PSP. But Jaffe, not dissuaded by reputation, feels his team has stumbled on a magical formula to reverse its fortunes.

"We started talking and thinking and wondering: what if we could make it so much more? What if we could just stuff the thing to the brim with bonus features and new levels and updated graphics and really give the Twisted Metal franchise a fantastic send-off on the PlayStation 2? And when we thought about it like that, we got really excited." said Jaffe on the US PlayStation blog.

"And so that became our mission, our goal. And while ya'll will - as always - be the final judge, we feel we've succeeded."

Specifically the Extra Twisted Edition on PS2 will have four never-before-seen levels from TM: Black II, an entirely new stage, updated graphics, better frame-rate, bonus features, documentary, and secret endings from the first Twisted Metal.

Eat Sleep Play also has three PS3 games and a PSN title in development, with the first details are expected soon.

Twisted Metal: Head On - Extra Twisted Edition is due out on PS2 next spring. Pop over to our gallery to see how it is shaping up, or swagger into Eurogamer TV for the first trailer.

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