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First-person sci-fi horror roguelike Routine debuts gameplay

In space, no one can hear you cream.

Last August I wrote about a spooky first-person sci-fi game called Routine. Developed by a scant four people, Routine will feature permadeath, randomised hazards and enemies, and a focus on avoiding combat. It sounded quite spiffy, but word on it went dark for the better part of a year and now developer Lunar Software has released four minutes of alpha gameplay and it looks quietly intense - like the Alien to Dead Space's Aliens.

Cover image for YouTube video■■ ARCHIVE ■■ Routine - Alpha Gameplay Trailer

The demo doesn't show a whole lot of the game's systems, but it does display the sort of manual interaction you'll have with the retro 80s terminals and more excitingly, we see a little of how your tool/gun works. Previously Lunar's Aaron Foster explained that your weapon, the C.A.T (Cosmonaut Assistance Tool), would operate differently based on what floppy disk is installed, and certain elements like its frame rate, colour, targeting and night vision would be altered. Now we get to see that in action with the intentionally low-fi choppy scope illuminating a stomping killer robot.

Note that Routine will also support Oculus Rift, which should make things extra heart-pounding when it comes out later this year on Steam for PC and Mac.