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Firefly Online will feature the show's entire original cast

With Alan Tudyk playing multiple roles.

Firefly Online will feature all of the original cast of Joss Whedon's cult classic sci-fi TV series.

As reported by io9 at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that not only will the entire original cast return, but Alan Tudyk (Wash) will be playing multiple roles, while character actor Michael Fairman will reprise his role as mob boss Adelai Niska.

Firefly Online is described as an "online strategic roleplaying game" where players assume the role of a captain traveling through the Verse hiring crew members and taking odd jobs.

The game is currently in development for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Snippets of gameplay can be glimpsed in the new trailer, which features a cameo by none other than Nathan Fillion.

Cover image for YouTube videoFirefly Online Gameplay Trailer #1: If I Were a Captain