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FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business objectives, decisions and rewards

Everything you need to know to get the most of FIFA 18's story mode sequel.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business sees you make a start to the season proper with Alex Hunter at the club of your choice, as the transfer speculation begins to heat up.

Here on this page we'll take you through everything you need to know about the The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business objectives, decisions and rewards, and provide a few tips for getting the most out of the Chapter as you go along, too.

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The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business objectives, decisions and rewards

Chapter 2 - Back in Business continues the pattern of three Objectives, with a Journey-based reward for each and FUT reward for completing the chapter.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business objectives:

  • Score a goal in the first Premier League match of the season - Crowd Favourite trait.
  • Raise your transfer value to £10,000,000 - +10,000 followers.
  • Earn at least 6pts from the first 3 Premier League matches - Mum tattoo.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business decisions:

  • Fire Michael or keep him on - the big decision of the chapter, firing Michael will mean he never returns and that's that. Keeping him will mean he stays as your agent for the rest of the game and pops up in the story now and then.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business rewards:

  • Rio Ferdinand FUT Icon loan card.

As your team's Premier League season gets under way, the transfer speculation surrounding Alex Hunter's rumoured move is heating up.

After the first game, your agent Michael comes to your place for a chat… and tells you none other than Real Madrid, Hunter's favourite childhood club, is keen on signing him.

It's a big decision (and not one you have any say in this time), but Hunter can't help but say yes - your agent's going to make it happen and all you have to do is keep playing football.

How you perform has no effect on the transfer here, so again you'll just be working to earn those Journey-based rewards for completing objectives, and ensuring that you're not so terrible that you're booted off the team.

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As time - and training sessions - goes by, the speculation begins to sour a little, with fans catching wind and your little chat with Ronaldo getting blown out of proportion and context in the media.

To make it worse, the club's exec is demanding a transfer request from you if you want to go anywhere - which doesn't make you look great - and so it's time to suck up the negativity and play the final match of the chapter.

After that… well it's not great news. It turns out Michael's been completely duped by a bunch of pranksters. Real Madrid were never interested, and now you're stuck at your club having alienated fans, coaches, and players alike.

Now's the time for your big decision, too: fire Michael for his admittedly dreadful, career-destroying mistake, or stick with him and give him a chance to turn it around. There aren't any actual consequences for you in terms of gameplay, but firing Michael will mean you never see him again, whilst sticking with him keeps him with you for the rest of the journey.

Either way, he can't win back your club's hard-nosed exec, or find you a club… until none other than your deadbeat dad gets on the phone to you. Turns out he just happens to work for LA Galaxy now, and you've been offered a lifeline. And with that, it's on to The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 3 - A New Galaxy.

Alex Hunter is off to play in white, but it's with the Galaxy, rather than the Galacticos. Next stop, USA!

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