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FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life objectives, decisions and rewards

Everything you need to know to get the most of FIFA 18's story mode sequel.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life sees you continue the happy-go-lucky adventures of Alex Hunter, starting with some training and pre-season games before things get real.

Here on this page we'll take you through everything you need to know about the The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life objectives, decisions and rewards, and provide a few tips for getting the most out of the Chapter as you go along, too.

For more details, meanwhile, head back to our FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns walkthrough hub or our main FIFA 18 tips and guide page which branches out to plenty more.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life objectives, decisions and rewards

Chapter 1 - The Life is the first time you're introduced to the system of objectives, rewards, and semi-impactful decisions that you'll find through The Journey: Hunter Returns. Here's what you can expect.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life objectives:

  • Get a match rating of 8.0+ in the 11v11 training match - Skill Moves trait.
  • Take at least 10 shots on target on the pre-season tour - +10,000 followers.
  • Win the pre-season tournament - Tribal Shield tattoo.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life decisions:

  • At the start of pre-season training, you'll be asked if you need a football refresher. "Good to go" will take you straight to the 11v11 training match, whilst "need to get back into it" will take you through some basic training.

The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 1 - The Life rewards:

  • Real Madrid loan player FUT card, LA Galaxy loan player FUT card.

Depending on your choices, Chapter 1 kicks off with either some practice drills and a training match, or it goes straight into a match. The 11v11 game is the first chance you have to achieve or fail an objective, too, so remember to focus on getting a rating of 8 or better.

Our advice for that is to get plenty of touches on the ball, score a goal or at the very least get an assist.

After that, you'll earn your first few Skill Points to spend on your Traits, and thus increase your individual Attributes like Finishing or Short Passing, for example, as a result. What you spend them on is totally up to you, but just think about your style of play as you go - a Striker is likely to benefit more from the Finisher branch, whilst a playmaking CAM will benefit from the Creator tree a little more.

Next up, you have a big interview ahead, which plays out in the form of a cutscene with Rio Ferdinand. There's a brief chance to be Fiery or Cool, but as always there's little difference in result. After the interview though, your old frenemy Gareth turns up and has a strange pop at your agent… is that a bit of foreshadowing for what's to come?

Anyway, next stop is LA for your club's pre-season US tour, and after a bit of chit-chat about transfers with your teammates it's time to play some actual football, starting nice and easy with a match against Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid. Remember to keep your score up and bear in mind the above objectives as you go.

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A quick chat with Cristiano follows, and then it's time for your first proper training session, with a couple of basic exercises to get you started. Remember to do well in these, and keep retrying until you get an A rating (it's not too hard), as it'll help improve your stats and curry favour with the gaffer.

More chit-chat comes after that, including a bit of pre-match bluster from your opponent at LA Galaxy, and after that game it's time to get ambushed by your dad - remember him?

After a typically dysfunctional meal together, it's time for more Skill Points and training sessions until you play a game against MLS All Stars in the final of the pre-season tournament (assuming you won the games to get you this far). Next stop, The Journey: Hunter Returns Chapter 2 - Back in Business!

Collect your first reward for playing The Journey - some FUT loan players - and keep on advancing to start the next chapter.

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