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FIFA 10 set-piece editor unveiled

DIY for kicks.

Create A Set-Piece has been revealed as the latest addition to the FIFA 10 feature set, allowing players to program unique choreographed curve balls for use in-game.

The editor splits the final third of the pitch into square zones, including corners, and up to four unique set-pieces can be created and stored for each per player profile, up to a maximum of 32.

Individual player movements are recorded in real time, and can be built upon sequentially using a record function, and then tested out at any point against an AI-controlled defence. Once perfected, set-pieces are stored to the d-pad for quick access during matches.

"Our set-pieces [in FIFA 09] weren't as unpredictable as we liked; probably one of the weaker areas of our game last year," producer Dave Rutter told Eurogamer.

He revealed that Tomas Brolin's crafty goal for Sweden against Romanian was the inspiration. "How do we make that happen? We need to script players. We can't script the AI so we need an editor."

Rutter added that it was unlikely players would be allowed to use DIY tactics in online games for fear of abuse, and swapping tactics data will not be an option this year.

You can read all about our hands-on with the set-piece editor and the latest build elsewhere on Eurogamer.

FIFA 10, as revealed earlier, is coming to all major platforms on 2 October.

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