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Fatshark shows off gameplay of its five-player dungeon crawler Bloodsports.TV

Due next week on Steam.

Fatshark (War of the Roses, and the upcoming Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide) and Toadman Interactive (Killing Floor: Calamity) have shown off new gameplay of their upcoming collaboration Bloodsports.TV.

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A five-player co-op action-RPG, Bloodsports.TV's top-down perspective, title and grizzly gladiator gameshow concept certainly recall Eugene Jarvis' 1990 arcade classic SmashTV spliced with Diablo. A spin-off of Fatshark's Krater, Bloodsports.TV is set in a post-apocalyptic Stockholm where players must fight against waves of mutants, angry villagers and beasts as a sadistic commentator narrates their gruesome rise to stardom.

Bloodsports.TV is coming to Steam on 30th March for £6.99, though pre-orders are 15 per cent off and come with an extra key for a friend. Krater owners will receive an additional 10 per cent off.