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Fans draw Pokémon in protest gear to support Hong Kong

And started #PokemonForHK on Twitter.

Over the last week there's been an outpouring of Hong Kong support from Pokémon fans on Twitter, as artists have been redesigning Pokémon in protest gear under the the hashtag #PokemonForHK.

Similarly to what fan artists did with Overwatch's Mei, popular Pokémon are being drawn with face masks, umbrellas, flags and various symbology from the Chinese protests.

The art is being collated in a thread dubbed the Bauhinia region Pokédex - in reference to the flower on the modified version of the Hong Kong flag - and artists are drawing their interpretations of what roles the Pokémon would assume.

Twitter user pikat has even made a helpful explainer for any Pokémon fans that want to get involved, explaining what certain protest symbols mean within the movement.

The Hong Kong protests originally reached the gaming sphere when Blizzard banned a professional Hearthstone player for voicing his support for Hong Kong in a competition. The developer has since apologised, but hasn't lifted the suspension, and its poor reaction to the backlash has only spurred on players of a variety of games to get involved in the Hong Kong support.