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F1 2010 will be "best F1 game ever"

Says the man making it.

Codemasters' Gavin Raeburn has said that F1 2010 will be "the best F1 game ever".

Speaking to the UK's Official Xbox Magazine, Raeburn said it would capture the "drama and rivalry" of F1, and offer players a choice of arcade and simulation angles.

"Key to this is enabling people to find and play with the right people," Raeburn explained, referring to the online options.

"If you're an arcade fan playing F1 online you probably want to play with like-minded players in shorter races, rather than end up in a hardcore sim session."

Those in the second camp can expect to have to deal with changing grip levels, weather conditions and hopefully all the other things that make F1 so interesting - race strategy, car development, lying to the stewards, etc.

Codemasters said recently that F1 2010 would not be released until next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but Sumo Digital-developer PSP and Wii versions are due this year.