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F1 2010 iPhone edition announced

Time trial modes for micro machines.

Well recieved racer F1 2010 is being ported to iOS devices, Jump Games has announced.

Priced €2.99, the game includes all the teams and circuits of its bigger brothers.

The miniaturised version focuses on Time Trial-based gameplay.

Ghost racing, an endurance option and a time attacking multiplayer mode are on offer. The latter, named Party Play, allows four-players to go head-to-head and compete for the best times.

Any lap times worthy of honour are posted to the iOS Game Center for bragging rights.

The press release boasts of realistic race car physics and just three simple controls for iPhone and iPod touch screens.

The iOS release has a lot to live up to - the PC and console version went down well at Eurogamer last year, scoring an 8/10 in our F1 2010 review and was Oli's pick for Games of 2010.

This year's edition, F1 2011, launches on 3DS, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 23rd September.