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Ex-Team Ico devs reveal trailer for exploratory adventure Vane

Fly like an eagle.

Back in June we reported on a Shadow of the Colossus-looking exploration-based adventure called Vane. Its aesthetic resemblance to Fumito Ueda's classic is no coincidence as its developer, the five-person studio Friend & Foe, consists of a couple of ex-Team Ico artists. Now, the new indie studio has released its first gameplay footage of Vane via its Tokyo Games Show trailer.

The biggest reveal is that the shadowy boy you play as has the ability to transform into a hawk. So that aerial footage that looked like the closing shot at the end of Shadow of the Colossus is likely gameplay.

Watch on YouTube

Little is known about Vane's plot or gameplay, but the YouTube description offered the following glimpse at this enticing world: "A recurring dream a thousand years old. A land shut off from the world by walls of sand. A glimmering power enslaving the ones within." It's not much to go on, but who doesn't like dreams, sand and glimmering powers?

According to Friend & Foe, Vane is in development for "PC and every other platform we can get our hands on." No release window has been announced since the developer's broad estimate of "when it's done."