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Sparc is CCP's first non-Eve game

Think full-body VR Pong.

Eve Online and Eve: Valkyrie developer CCP has formally announced virtual reality sport game Sparc, which had been known as Project Arena until now. It's CCP's first non-Eve universe game.

Sparc is a full-body game of Pong, or VR air hockey if you like. You stand face-to-face with an opponent in a corridor and sling discs at each other, bouncing them off the walls, floor and ceiling as you try to score a hit. Your defense is a shield you can bat the disc away with.

Today's announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube
A test from last May.Watch on YouTube

CCP wants Sparc to be an online hit so has matchmaking, spectating and character customisation systems integrated. I expect online success will depend a lot on how lag factors into the equation.

Sparc is due this year. Specific platforms aren't mentioned but presumably Sparc will be on all three - PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift - as CCP's other major VR title, Eve: Valkyrie, is.

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