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EVE is better than WOW, says Dyack

He just can't help himself, can he?

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Silicon Knights chief and Too Human mastermind Denis Dyack has told videogaming247 he thinks EVE Online is better than World of Warcraft.

"I love EVE Online, and actually for me personally I actually think it's a better game," Dyack said. "I know it's a lot harder-core, but the depth of it is unparalleled, and I love it."

Dyack revealed that he struggles with addictive, time-sink nature of MMOs. "I have to force myself to stop playing those games because it takes so much time," he said.

"I used to [play WOW]. I pulled myself off; Within four weeks I was at level 57, so I almost got to level 60 and then I said, 'You know, I've got to stop this'."

Many would agree with Dyack; EVE offers a single persistent universe, a sense of real danger, and a depth of player interaction that Blizzard's monster hit simply can't match. Plus: spaceships.

Others might argue that EVE's impenetrable complexity make it a little too much like hard work compared to WOW's variety, accessibility and colourful action. Others still would say the games aren't comparable at all.

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