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Eternity's Child on Wii, DS

Hand-drawn dark fairytale.

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Alten8 has revealed that former Live Arcade creation Eternity's Child will now be made specially for Wii and DS.

It was a little too big for the download service, apparently, but will now also reach a "wider audience" thanks to strong sales of the Nintendo platforms.

Eternity's Child is a hand-drawn, side-scrolling platform game that's billed as an interactive fairytale.

The action takes place in a world where pollution melted the icecaps and wiped out all but a couple of species. Of the ones that were left, one soon evolved wings to avoid the flooding, and prompted the arousal of vicious jealousy in those that couldn't fly.

So the witch-hunts soon began, with the winged creatures captured and murdered, before being replaced by robots so the world seemed less empty - although even these soon went bonkers.

So the story begins. You play as Angel, an orphan that had his wings cut off to avoid being killed. And after a childhood of not fitting-in and being bullied, you soon escape your torment and venture out into the world to find the remaining scraps of your race.

The hand-drawn visuals will be animated frame-by-frame and be accompanied by a full orchestral score. We're also promised songs like there were in the old Disney films, and two-player co-operative support so you don't get lonely. Both Wii and DS versions will have their own, unique stories, too.

Eternity's Child spilled from the brain of young English artist and fairytale affictionado Luc Bernard. An animated series is apparently planned, too, and he will be working closely with Alten8 to create the two games.

It all sounds really rather intriguing, if a little sombre. Pop over to our Eternity's Child gallery to see what it all looks like.

A release date is yet to be confirmed.

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