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Epic sues yet another tester for leaking Fortnite Chapter 2 secrets

They "deprived Epic of the element of surprise".

Epic Games is taking the Fortnite Chapter 2 leaks seriously, as it sues a second tester for revealing secrets about the game online.

Last month, tester Ronald Sykes was sued by the company for leaking the new map design and allegedly breaking a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Now, Lucas Johnston, a tester at Montreal's Keywords Studios, has found himself in hot water too. The Canadian Press reports Epic has filed a claim against him in Quebec Superior Court, "alleging he was responsible for the publication of 'highly confidential information'".

According to court documents, Johnston supposedly took a screenshot of the new content, and admitted to emailing said document to himself - but claims "he didn't know how it ended up online".

The documents say he was discovered during an internal investigation by Keywords Studios, which found Johnston was friends with the poster of the leak on Fortnite Competition's official forum. He was then fired on 13th September, the day after the screenshot was posted.

Epic claims Johnston "deprived [the company] of the element of surprise", and violated an NDA - and is now seeking unspecified damages of over $85k.

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