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Eminem to release iPhone game soon

May be the only opportunity he's got.

Not black rapper Eminem is making an iPhone and iPod Touch game called Relapse.

The silver-tongued star confirmed the project via Twitter, claiming the game "is coming along nicely". Eminem's website says Relapse will be out on 19th May - the same day as his Relapse music album.

Eminem provided a single shot of the game. This depicts a squat, dark-haired Eminem pacing moodily through a beaten-up hotel lobby, flanked front and back by bloody-faced zombies; a 2D scrolling beat-'em-up, in other words.

His fans are excited: "I'm glad I've got the iPhone, the game will be awesome. Most of my life I've seen dead bodies splattered all over the ground, 'cause were I grew up ppl just jumped from the top of the 30th floor. I never forget the smell of death," writes the chirpy "babychub" on Enimen's Twitter.

He's forgotten about Dre.