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Elite Dangerous players find a third alien ruins site

And it looks a bit like a Boglin.

The hunt for aliens in space game Elite Dangerous took a giant step forward earlier this year when first contact was made. Now, the hunt for answers has taken another interesting step - onto a brand new set of alien ruins.

Today the Elite Dangerous community is abuzz with excitement following the discovery of a third alien ruins site. There are multiple threads showing off pictures of the site on Reddit and the Elite forum, but my favourite is this aerial shot, which makes the whole thing look a bit like a Boglin.

Are Elite's aliens actually Boglins?

For our younger readers baffled by the reference, Boglins were a series of toy puppets distributed by Mattel in the 80s. They looked like this:

This is a Boglin.

Some people see other things in the alien ruins. Eurogamer's Edwin Evans-Thirlwell suggests it looks a bit like somebody threw Snarf from Thundercats into a wall very hard. Here are a couple of other alternative suggestions:

Xbox One player Cmdr Khenistry is credited with the find. Here are the location details of the alien ruins: IC 2391 Sector ZE-A D101, Planet C3, Lat: 29.42 Long: -59.54.

There's a big discussion going on inside Elite Dangerous' infamous The Canonn thread. Eurogamer reported on The Canonn, one of the largest, most dedicated groups of Elite Dangerous players there is, late in 2016. They're a fascinating bunch.

Players are currently trying to work out what it all means. User "allocater" applied cluster mapping to the image in a bid to solve the mystery. I respect the placement of O in the mouth.

Does this new alien ruins site have something to do with The Thargoids, Elite's alien race? Or does it offer some clue as to how players will deal with the Thargoids when they inevitably start trouble?

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With excitement building, it surely won't be long before we find out.