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Eleven is a Street Fighter 5 DLC character, Twitch leak reveals

UPDATE: Confirmed, Dan, Rose, Oro shown off.

UPDATE: Capcom has officially confirmed Eleven as a DLC character for Street Fighter 5.

Eleven is a character who morphs into any of the other characters in the game before the match starts. It's a random select character, in essence, like Mokujin in Tekken - and a pick designed for people to show off with. Check Eleven out in the video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V - Bonus Content Eleven Preview

Eleven is a bonus DLC character and not the fifth unannounced character of the game's fifth and final character pass. Eleven arrives alongside Dan on 22nd February as a bonus with a purchase of one of the two season five passes: the new premium pass, which costs $39.99, or the standard character pass, which costs $24.99.

Capcom also offered our first look at Oro in Street Fighter 5:

The first season five DLC character, Dan, launches on 22nd February alongside balance changes and the introduction of a new mechanic called V-Shift.

V-Shift, which consumes a bar of V-Gauge, makes the player invincible to throws and also evades body blows and projectiles. Activate V-Shift at the same time as an opponent's attack and both players go into slow motion, making the activating character invincible to the attack. From there, they can do a V-Shift Break, which is a counter. This can hit from a decent distance, and will let you break up attacks.

A new training stage will be made available for free to all players when Dan comes out.

And finally, Capcom revealed Rose gameplay. It's all in the video below:

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V Champion Edition - Winter Update + New DLC | PS4

ORIGINAL STORY: Eleven is the final Street Fighter 5 DLC character, a Twitch leak has revealed.

Twitch accidentally sent the information to its users in a mass email.

The leak comes ahead of Capcom's planned Street Fighter 5 winter update, which is set for later today. Eleven is expected to be revealed during the show.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V: Season V - Dan Character Preview

Capcom itself teased the addition of Eleven in a tweet earlier this week.

Eleven joins Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools in Street Fighter 5's final set of DLC characters.

Eleven is currently a non-playable character who appears in Urien's character story in Street Fighter 5 (video below, courtesy of YouTube channel MegamanNG). It's an early prototype of Twelve from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter V Character Story Mode - Urien