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Elder Scrolls Online will add paid-for health, XP boost potions

"This gives the player a choice."

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon allow you to buy health, stamina, magic and experience boost potions using real-world money.

These will be available from the MMO's Crown Store, which will let you convert your cash into the new crown currency.

You'll also be able to buy aesthetic items: upgraded mounts, vanity pets, fancy costumes and the like.

Developer Zenimax Online Studios has described the Crown Store's stock as simple "customisation and convenience" items, none of which will affect TESO's core gameplay.

"[Potions] can be purchased with crowns, but they're functionally very similar to the potions you can purchase from in-game vendors, and they're somewhat weaker and less effective than player-crafted potions," game director Matt Firor explained in a new blog post.

"This gives the player a choice: spend some crowns to get potions right now, or play a while to earn in-game gold and then spend it either at a vendor, another player, or at a Guild Store."

The Elder Scrolls Online will next month drop the need for a PC subscription, but those who choose to remain paid-up will receive an allowance of 1500 crowns pocket money every month.

"The easiest way to take advantage of the Crown Store and Tamriel Unlimited is to be an ESO Plus member," Firor continued. "As a member, you'll get bonuses to many in-game levelling systems (experience point gain, inspiration gain for crafting, etc.), 1500 crowns to spend in the Crown Store each month, and access to all DLC game packs for the duration of your membership.

"Existing ESO PC subscribers will automatically be enrolled in ESO Plus when Tamriel Unlimited launches, so no further action will be required to become a member if you're a subscriber at that time."

Loyal members who have been paid up for nine months or more will next month be rewarded with a unique Mask of Cheerful Slaughter costume, while anyone who has been paid up for 300 days will receive a unique Striped Senche (giant cat) mount.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online are set to follow on 9th June. There will be no subscription fee on consoles, but you will need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live membership to play.

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