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EGTV: Exclusive Ratchet vids

All the way to the Clank.

Eurogamer TV today is proud to announce the birth of video triplets in the shape of three exclusive gameplay vignettes from the PS3-exclusive platform-shooter with the unnecessarily long name, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction.

After the underwhelming launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man, Insomniac Games has gone back to what it does best for its next outing on Sony's must-have-starved system: running and jumping with guns, but with a sense of humour and without all that unpleasant business with the Church.

Of the three video teasers on offer today across the Eurogamer Empire, on our very own EGTV, there's a montage of SIXAXIS shenanigans, underwater gameplay and a look at the brilliant Groovitron.

Over on Eurogamer.fr, meanwhile, you can see one of the larger-scale battles in Tools of Destruction, plus a look at the Gelanator gun: sod portals, it's all about the jelly.

Finally, our German brothers-in-arms offer up a glimpse of the early action sequences in the game, including more SIXAXIS-wielding motion-controls and slick running-and-gunning.

Tools of Destruction is out in Europe on November 9th, and we'll bring you our full review very soon indeed.