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EGTV: Bionic Commando

Exclusive trailer.

Capcom has released an exciting new trailer for Bionic Commando, and we've got it exclusively on Eurogamer TV.

The trailer should give you a better idea of how the development team has applied the original game's bionic arm and free-swinging gameplay to a 3D world.

We've also got some fancy new screenshots. Exciting times!

Although the game is still early in development, the answer seems to be 'by letting you hurl things around with violent abandon'.

As producer Ben Judd told us during Capcom's Gamers' Day event in London recently, the team went through "multiple, multiple, multiple iterations" before settling on the approach taken here.

For more on Bionic Commando, be sure to check our Bionic Commando preview.

The full game is due out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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