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Eerie Czech psychological horror Someday You'll Return gets a release date


Pop 14th April in your diary. It's the day a game called Someday You'll Return comes out.

I doubt you've heard of it because it's a Czech game made by only two people, but I've been watching it closely over the past couple of years, talking to the people making it, and believe it has potential.

Someday You'll Return is a psychological horror about a father scouring a forest for his missing daughter, but not everything is as it seems. Strange things begin to happen and soon you, as the father, will begin to question reality itself.

It has a very distinctive feel. It's eerie and dark. And it being a labour of love - which has taken a handful of years - has resulted in a lavishness I doubt you'd see in a game with stricter milestones. There are elaborate crafting and alchemy systems, karma, tracking, climbing, puzzles, and the forest - based on a real Czech forest - is gorgeous.

Keep an eye out for it.

Console - PlayStation and Xbox versions - are due for development later this year.

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