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Edge's Langdell returns with Edgebobby2

Trademark hound resorting to game making?

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Notorious Edge video game trademark troll Tim Langdell appears to have returned.

His company Edge Games (is it a one-man operation?) released a new game on iPhone on 30th June called Edgebobby2.

Edgebobby2 is billed as a sequel to the "highly popular" Bobby Bearing and costs £0.59/€0.79/$0.99 to download.

Bobby Bearing was released by Langdell in 1986 on Spectrum, Amstrad and C64.

Edgebobby2 is a 3D puzzle game that involves rolling balls around platforms. There's a free version that offers one level called Edgebobby2Free.

Tim Langdell earned notoriety by suing any video game-related product that used the word edge in its name. UK magazine Edge even came under fire.

Most recently Langdell attacked French independent developer Mobigame regarding puzzle game Edge. All hell broke lose when correspondences between the two parties were documented online.

The final straw came when Langdell took on mega-publisher EA regarding Mirror's Edge. The result of a long courtroom showdown was Langdell being stripped of his most prized possessions: the edge trademarks - hence the name Edgebobby2.

Langdell was also unceremoniously shoved from the Independent Game Developer Association for "lack of integrity" and "unethical behaviour".

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