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EA Playground for Wii, DS

Be a kid again.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts is working on a mini-game compilation for Wii and DS that's being tentatively called EA Playground.

It'll be available this autumn and will seek to recreate the fun kids have in playgrounds, according to game producer Dave McCarthy, who revealed the project to IGN.

A full announcement is expected soon, but EA was unable to say anything about it at the time of writing.

Playground will feature lots different games for virtual youngsters to get stuck into, every one designed to make the best use of each console's strong points.

Wii warblers can expect a hands-on workout in games like Dodge Ball and Tetherball, or can jump behind the wheel in RC Car Racing. Meanwhile DS dabblers will be able to splat bugs in Bug Hunt using the stylus, and make all sorts of funny noises at the microphone in Spit Ball.

Single-player mode will let you horde collectables and unlock further activities, and both versions will support multiplayer to test your skills against your friends.

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