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E3: Top Spin 3 announced

Customisable tennis.

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Top Spin 3 is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 in Spring 2008, 2K Sports has revealed.

The follow-up to the 2006 Xbox 360 title once again builds on the successful Tennis series, with the usual expansive offline career mode and online play.

New to this version will be dynamic weather changes - useful if you want to postpone play all day due to rain and get Cliff Richard singing in the stands - and a host of customisation options so you can sculpt the image of your player. There's a free form body slider to adjust your shape, and you can even plaster yourself in tattoos and make-up.

"This game transcends the boundaries of what has previously been achieved in the acclaimed Top Spin franchise by ensuring every detail is accurate, from the cloud cover to lighting, from sweat to dirt on clothing, to every drop shot, slice, lob and backhand," said Christoph Hartmann, big chief at 2K.

2K Sports' Paris studio PAM Development is making it, and you can see how it's shaping up in our Top Spin 3 gallery.

Alternatively pop over to our Top Spin 2 Xbox 360 review to see what could be brushed-up on this time around. Can it top VT3?

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