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E3: Scene It? for 360

Quiz with Buzz-like buzzer.

Microsoft's E3 conference earlier this morning gave confirmation of an Xbox 360-exclusive version of the popular quiz game Scene It?, and gave a first look at the first-party controller specifically designed for it.

The peripheral has a series of coloured buttons for answering questions and a big red button for "buzzing" in. A cynic would claim the device bears more than a passing similarity to Relentless' Buzz controller, but we certainly wouldn't. Because we're nice like that.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action will come complete with four of the buzzers and over 1800 questions based on images, audio clips and snippets of films we know and love. And Microsoft plans to keep things fresh by offering downloadable content in the future.

Among the five new puzzle types in the 360 game are Credit Roll, where you'll have to guess the movie using the list of cast and characters; Child's Play, which presents you with a child's drawing of a scene; and Quotables, where you'll have to finish a line from a famous flick.

Screenlife will be developing it, and is responsible for shifting over 10 million copies of the Scene It? DVD game from which the inspiration came.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action will be available this Christmas period.