Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

What better way to start a review of a movie quiz game than... Wait, we did that a month ago for the review of Buzz! Hollywood. We liked that game, you may recall, but suggested it might be best to see how Microsoft's rival movie quiz game turned out. Well, it's here.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is Buzz! for Xbox 360, in essence. It comes with four Big Button Pads (they're actually called that) and an infra-red dongle which plugs into a 360 USB port and has a nice long cable. There are more than 1800 questions, and the 360 tracks which ones are asked to prevent repetition.

Just like Buzz!, you can choose a short (about 25 minutes) or long (about an hour) game. There's also a party mode where you can keep answering questions indefinitely. If you've got less than four players you have to wait for the clock to tick down even after you've all answered, tediously.

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Scene It? demo on Live

Yes, we have.

Microsoft has released a demo version of upcoming movie-based Xbox 360 quiz game Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action, which is due out on 16th November according to

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action

This could be good. If the Buzz is any indicator.

While Microsoft is quite capable of being innovative and exciting, there are those who would argue that it has built a lot of its success on taking what somebody else is doing, creating its own version and then bludgeoning them to death with marketing and longevity. Well, if that's the plan with "Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action", then it's got its work cut out, because families bought a lot of PS2s, and a lot of copies of Buzz, which is almost completely the same thing, and even Microsoft can't convince anyone that families buy Xbox 360.

E3: Scene It? for 360

Quiz with Buzz-like buzzer.

Microsoft's E3 conference earlier this morning gave confirmation of an Xbox 360-exclusive version of the popular quiz game Scene It?, and gave a first look at the first-party controller specifically designed for it.