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E3: Disney buys Warren Spector

Well, his Junction Point Studios.

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Disney Interactive has splashed out and acquired Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios.

The developer will now work on fresh games and also bring some of Disney's key franchises to next-gen consoles.

But there's no word on what will happen to current Hollywood project Ninja Gold, being made in collaboration with action director John Woo - or the other title his fantasy-author wife is helping him create.

Warren Spector is the brain behind games like Deus Ex, Thief: Deadly Shadows and System Shock - he's kind of a big deal. We caught up with him earlier in the year at the Game Developers Conference where he told us everything was going well, and that Junction Point was now up to 21 staff and counting.

Clearly cartoon champion Disney felt the same sort of excitement, and is obviously publicly over the moon with its purchase.

"Warren Spector's unique talents as a leading creative force in the world of video games, his knowledge and passion for Disney, and his legacy of story telling and character development adds a unique creative dimension to our portfolio," said Graham Hopper, general manager and executive vice president, Disney Interactive Studios.

"Our shared visions on creativity, innovation and storytelling will allow us to touch individual players in ways never before possible."

Junction Point Studios now joins Disney's other internal developers Avalanche Software, Fall Line Studio, Propaganda Games and Black Rock Studio.

"I believe that the creative talents of our two companies and our shared ambition to bring distinctive, compelling experiences to gamers make this an ideal alliance," commented Spector

"We look forward to bringing exciting, innovative and entertaining new experiences to gamers and Disney fans alike."

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