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Dynasty Warriors DS details

Handheld empires in August.

Koei has released more in-depth details for its upcoming Dynasty Warriors game on DS.

It coincides with news that the game will be out across Europe on 31st August.

Like previous Dynasty Warriors adventures, this one will be set in and task you with uniting ancient China. You'll do this by controlling one of three powerful characters: The Phoenix, The Dragon or The Chimera.

At your disposal will be the familiar Musou attacks, but also a new card system split into two areas: attributes and obstacles.

The attribute cards boost certain statistics, and you assign them to a limited number of slots before each stage starts. Varying these to suit different stages will be essential.

Obstacle cards, on the other hand, give you the chance to perform special attacks - but only if you assign them to your roulette wheel before battle. By gathering coins as you fight, you'll soon get the option to spin the wheel. If you land on an obstacle card after you press "Y" to stop the spinning, you'll perform the attack. Simply add more cards to the wheel to increase your chances.

You can fill out your deck with new attribute and obstacle cards as you progress through the game.

"With the Warriors series already having sold over 14 million copies worldwide and the Nintendo DS proving to be so incredibly popular, this is a great opportunity to expand the series even further by bringing it to a whole new audience," said Mikey Foley, PR and marketing manager for Koei.

"Developing the game for the DS also enabled us to create a fresh Dynasty Warriors experience for portable play, and one designed to make the most of the Wi-Fi capabilities - featuring a versus mode for up to three players that's terrific fun."

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