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Dungeons 2 release date unearthed

Keeper your diary free.

Dungeon Keeper-esque strategy simulation Dungeons 2 arrives for PC, Mac and SteamOS on 24th April.

The original Dungeons launched back in 2011 and was a slightly disappointing reincarnation of the classic Dungeon Keeper.

But developer Realmforge has promised improvements - you can now take direct control of minions, for example, and slap them into doing your bidding.

And it is unlikely to be as bad as EA's even more disappointing official reincarnation of Dungeon Keeper, which was plagued by microtransactions.

There are two new factions to control, acres of dungeon area to mine out, plus the ability to venture above ground to wage war against humanity.

Four-player competitive multiplayer is also included.

Watch new in-game footage via the trailer below:

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