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Dua Lipa's offering the chance to battle her at Dance Dance Revolution

...if you buy a £277 ticket.

I know live concerts are an increasingly vital revenue stream for the music industry, but today I've seen it all, as Dua Lipa is offering fans a chance to battle her at Dance Dance Revolution with a rather pricey package ticket.

As part of Dua Lipa's tour of Europe for upcoming album Future Nostalgia, fans can buy a VIP package called Dua's House Party. Along with the usual perks like early access to the venue and fancy merchandise, ticket holders "enter a competition for the chance of a live dance-off with Dua on Konami's Dance Dance Revolution".

I'm not sure exactly how this competition works, but in my head you have to beat all the other contestants and Dua Lipa is the final boss. Perhaps the song of choice is the New Rules track from DDR A20. Thanks to nearly all other games being banned by my parents, I got pretty good at DDR as a kid, so I reckon I could take her.

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The House Party VIP packages for the Madrid and Barcelona shows appear to be sold out at time of writing, but Amsterdam is still an option - if you're willing to splash out a hefty €310 (£277.12) on the package. Unfortunately my attempts to convince my editors to foot the bill were unsuccessful.