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Dragonica closed beta next week

Free side-scrolling MMO shapes up.

gPotato has announced the closed beta dates for its arcade side-scrolling PC MMO, Dragonica. The test will run from next Wednesday, 13th May, to Friday 22nd May.

You can register for a shot at the beta at the Dragonica website. You might also want to visit Eurogamer on the 13th, when we hope to have a few beta keys to give away.

Dragonica is a combo-heavy massively multiplayer hybrid of RPG and platformer with a cute style and a sense of humour. It can be played with a gamepad, and should run on a wide range of PCs.

We've seen it a couple of times and have come away quietly impressed. Check back soon for a full feature preview; in the meantime, there's plenty to watch and look at on the Dragonica gamepage.

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