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Dragon Age: Legends now open to all

Facebook game unlocks DAII items.

BioWare's Facebook game Dragon Age: Legends is now available for all to play, EA has announced.

Legends, created by BioWare and EA's Play4Free studio EA2D, was in closed beta.

It ties into the recently released Dragon Age II and unlocks five items for use in it: two rings, two amulets and a belt. The turn-based tactical combat game is set in the Free Marches and features co-op, loot drops, character progression and everything.

"We built Dragon Age Legends with one goal in mind: to bring the AAA quality gameplay BioWare is famous for to the social space," said EA2D boss Mark Spenner.

"Dragon Age Legends brings true RPG combat and style to this massive social platform and delivers it at BioWare blockbuster quality, raising the bar for social games."