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DOWII Dark Angels free for US CE only

European Collectors pay for DLC.

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The downloadable Dark Angels add-on for Dawn of War II: Retribution was supposed to be a free bonus for Collector's Edition buyers.

That's still the case, providing you live in the US and you bought the Collector's Edition from the US THQ Store.

Those outside of the US, however, have found out that Dark Angels isn't free at all - it costs £4.99.

"I can confirm this is the case," wrote DOWII forum moderator Hirmetrium.

"If you have received a code via PM on these forums, and live outside of the US, it was unintended.

"I would rather you heard it from THQ/Relic than me, so there you have it."

Hirmetrium added: "The reasoning behind this is that North American customers suffered a delay in shipping (which they paid for) and this is their compensation."

The Dark Angels DLC was released for Dawn of War II: Retribution on Wednesday. It adds the Dark Angels faction to the strategy game.

Thank you commenters below for helping me clarify my story.

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