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Double Fine is selling its Amnesia Fortnight prototypes in a Special Edition Box Set

Or buy the digital downloads for a third of the price.

Back in November Double Fine did a crazy thing. Gearing up for its annual Amnesia Fortnight brainstorming activity - in which the studio branches off into small groups for two weeks to create game prototypes - Double Fine invited fans to vote on which game ideas would become prototypes. A week later the winners were announced and those who donated towards the project's Humble Bundle were granted access to the prototypes upon their completion.

Now Double Fine is sprucing up this anthology of experimental game prototypes by releasing them all physically as the Amnesia Fortnight Special Edition Box Set for $30.

The two-disc set contains this year's prototypes for Autonomous, a first-person sandbox game in a Tron-like world where players must construct robots to survive; Black Lake, a grim fantasy tale about a hunter's daughter trying to cleanse animals' dreams; Hack 'N' Slash, a puzzle-based dungeon crawler in which you hack the game on the fly; Spacebase DF-9, a space sim in which you build a colony then manage the lives of those who dwell within it; and the White Birch, a mysterious exploration-based platformer about a girl climbing a wall.

Additionally, the bundle will contain bonus games such as Brazen, a fantasy-based co-op online action game; Happy Song, the prototype for Once Upon a Monster, and Costume Quest's prototype.

The Box Set also includes 2 Player Productions' documentary about the Fortnight process on Blu-ray, the soundtracks from all five Amnesia Fortnight 2012 titles, and download codes for the games, music and documentary so buyers can enjoy their purchase before their hard copy arrives in the post.

Those who just want the digital downloads (and missed out on the Humble Bundle the first time around) can purchase them for $9.99, while bigger spenders can order the Box Set with a slipcase from a prototype of their choosing signed by that game's project lead for $45. At the highest tier, fans can spend $70 and get all five slipcovers, each signed by their respective project leads.

Check out the prototypes in action in the trailer below or order the Special Edition Box Set at DoubleFine's online store.

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