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Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight voting ends, prototypes chosen

Four winning ideas now in production.

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight game jam has begun, after a public vote picked four candidates from a possible 23 game ideas.

Winning entries included Hack n' Slash, an adventure RPG which enables you to hack the game on the fly with cracks and mods and also Spacebase DF-9, a space sim with building tools and emergent gameplay similar to The Sims or Dwarf Fortress.

Also successful was The White Birch, an ambient platform exploration game akin to Ico and Journey whose creepy visuals remind us of Limbo, and finally Autonomous, a first-person sandbox construction game where players must control and destroy robots to survive.

You'll be able to watch the Double Fine team at work via the project's Humble Bundle page.

Contributors to the project will be able to play prototypes of the four when the project finishes in two weeks time. You also get instant access to earlier Amnesia Fortnight creations Happy Song, Costume Quest and the work-in-progress Brazen.

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