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Disgaea is out now on Steam, but...

Many users are calling it a lacking port.

Nippon Ichi's cult classic strategy RPG Disgaea has arrived on Steam, but many are calling it a lacking port.

Numerous reports state that it runs poorly, even on high-end PCs. User reviews along with sites like Rock, Paper, Shotgun, PC Gamer and Destructoid have reported on this port's poor performance full of framerate issues, crashes, graphical glitches, and more.

That being said, experiences have ranged across the board. Currently 375 of its 526 Steam user reviews recommend the PC version, so your mileage may vary.

Publisher NIS America has addressed the various complaints on the Steam forum and it claims to be on the case.

"We spent a total of ten months on researching and developing this game for PC users, two months of which were spent on rigorous testing. However, we have been made aware of the fact that some of our customers have been experiencing issues when playing the game," the publisher stated.

"According to the research we have done, it seems as if most of the issues are graphics related. Right now, we at NISA and NIS are trying to gather as much information from all over the world as possible in order to pinpoint what is causing these problems."

Steam's most highly rated user review suggested turning off SSAO and Depth of Field. "This got rid of FPS, black line, and other odd graphical issues," said Steam user Train2PoundTown. "There are also varying degrees of success by turning on/off VSYNC. Try it out."

Should you want to find out how Disgaea holds up on PC yourself, it's £14.99 on Steam. You could always ask for a refund if you've played the game for less than two hours.

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