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Disgaea coming to PSP

Is that Nippon Ichi in yer pocket?

Addictive, beautiful, complex and utterly insane strategy title Disgaea ranks as one of our favourite PS2 games of all time - but being a turn-based strategy game into which you can happily sink hundreds of hours, it's not quite so popular among the other people who might like to get to use the telly every now and then.

Now, finally, developer Nippon Ichi has done the decent thing and rescued us from the possible domestic trauma which can result from your significant other describing this finely balanced, humorous and exquisitely crafted slice of gaming as "oh god, that bloody thing again - I want to watch Eastenders." Rejoice, strategy fans - after months and months of thinking occasionally how nice it would be if the PlayStation Portable had Disgaea on it, Disgaea is coming to the PlayStation Portable.

What we're getting is a modified version of the original game (as opposed to Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, which launched some time ago in Japan but has yet to find its way to these shores), which will feature all of the original characters and scenarios, as well as a host of new ones. So once again you'll play as the adolescent demon prince Laharl, ruthlessly exterminating your enemies to take control of the kingdom of the underworld, and assisted along the way by your demon companion Etna and perpetually morally confused angel Flonne.

We still don't have any confirmation that Disgaea Portable will make its way to the West, sadly - it's scheduled for release in Japan in November, and the only thing we can find about a launch on this side of the world is a cryptic comment from Nippon Ichi's US office suggesting that fans should help out by "raising your voice and making some noise" for the game. Commence shouting.

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