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Discord rolls out voice messages

Mic drop.

Voice messages are now available on Discord.

This means users are able to send messages of up to 20 minutes length to complement the existing ability to converse via voice chat. Right now, the ability to send messages is only available on the mobile version, although Discord says you can listen to your messages "on any Discord platform".

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For those wondering: yes, you can disable the ability to receive voice messages on your server via the Server Settings > Roles menu, although there's no specific word on how individual users can disable the facility.

"Voice Messages give you the ability to send an audio recording directly to your friends," Discord explains. "For now, you can only send Voice Messages through a direct message, group direct message, or in a server with fewer than 200 members. These can be listened to on any device where you can access Discord, but can only be sent through the mobile app."

The rollout follows a trial that saw Discord voice chat made available for all PlayStation 5 users after as part of a new system software beta at the start of February, along with other additions like VRR support. It was then rolled out to all PS5 players in March, although Xbox players have had it since last November.

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