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Discord voice chat now available on PlayStation 5

Mic drop.

Discord voice chat is now available for all PlayStation 5 users.

The integration was available in a new system software beta at the start of February, along with other additions like VRR support.

Now it's accessible by all, once the latest system software is downloaded.

Cover image for YouTube videoHow To Use Discord Voice Chat on PS5
How To Use Discord Voice Chat on PS5

So how does it work? Firstly players will need to connect their PlayStation Network account to their Discord account via the console to grant Voice Access on the console. If the accounts have previously been linked, it will need to be done again for the new permissions.

Then, join your desired voice channel on Discord. From there, be it desktop, browser, or mobile app, select the option to Transfer to Console and select the PS5. Press Transfer Voice and Discord voice chat will be available on the console.

More details can be found on the Discord blog.

This addition brings the PS5 up to par with the Xbox Series X/S, which added voice chat via Discord last year.