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Best Black Friday HP and HyperX deals 2023

HP, HyperX and Omen products on sale.

hp hyperx omen products arrayed on a desktop, including a mouse, keyboard, mic and headset
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Industry giant HP makes a ton of great desktops, laptops, monitors and peripherals, so it makes sense to dedicate to virtual column space to HP - and its Omen and HyperX brands. With the official end of Black Friday now just hours away at 11:59PM on November 24th, we've rounded up all manner of fantastic deals we've spotted on the brand's vast range of products from a wide range of retailers.

Whether you're after one of HP's powerful desktops or some HyperX branded peripherals, we've got you covered for both those in the UK and in the US-of-A.

As this a brand-specific article, it arguably makes the most sense to do things by product category, so that's how it's going to be done!


HP is arguably one of the first brands that comes to mind when you think of solid gaming laptops, with a greart combo of ample power and sleek design making them a marvellous all-round choice. Here's where we'll put all the UK and US deals for HP gaming laptops.

UK deals

US deals


It's much the same story when it comes to desktop PCs. HP's pre-built choices have always been reliable, and their gaming options pack in a fair amount of power for reasonable prices; for more evidence, check out the deals below!

UK deals

US deals


Image of an HP X34 ultrawide monitor on an orange to blue gradient background

The same can also be said for monitors, of course, and HP manufacturers a wide range to suit different screen sizes, resolutions, and types of games Below's where you'll see the pick of the bunch in terms of HP monitor deals.

UK deals

US deals

Headsets, keyboards and other peripherals

It might seem odd to put headsets in here, given that the brand themselves isn't necesssarily big in the headset space, but the motivatiom becomes all the more apparent when you realise HP owns HyperX, makers of some of the best gaming headsets we've tested. Here's going to be where you'll find any headset deals - alongside keyboards, mice and other HP or HyperX peripherals.

UK deals

US deals

So, there you have it - that's some of the current best Black Friday deals on HP laptops, desktops, monitors, and HyperX headsets that we can find at the moment. If you've found a great deal we've missed, or want to see more deals, check out our Twitter feed @dealsfoundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, time and time again, there are going to be important questions about gaming headsets, not least if you're deciding to grab a new one. Below, we'll take you through a handful of key Qs with our two cents added to help you make a properly informed buying decision.

What HP products does Digital Foundry recommend?

Truth be told, we've recommended a good selection of HP and HyperX products over the years, and it's worth checking dedicated lists such as those for the best gaming monitors to understand what we've picked and why.

What HP deals do we expect to see?

As the month of November wear on and the big Black Friday weekend draws nearer, it would make sense for us to see more deals on HP asnd HyperX products in general. To be more specific though, there is an expectation that major retailers (e.g. Amazon, Currys, eBuyer, Scan) will offer deals on a slew of Dell products, as they've begun to already.

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