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Get the Crucial P2 1TB NVMe SSD for under £65

Significantly faster than SATA alternatives at the same price.

Today looks to be a good day for those wanting to upgrade their PC storage, as Amazon has a great deal on the Crucial P2 NVMe SSD. Today, a 1TB option is being sold for £64.99, offering a 24 percent discount on its £85.70 list price. That's about the same price as competing SATA SSDs of the same size, yet this NVMe drive is significantly faster.

Its sequential read speeds of 2400MB/s are 4.4 times faster than even the fastest SATA SSDs, while peak write speeds at 1900MB/s are 3.4 times faster. This means you'll be able to load files on and offer a drive much faster, and gain quicker access to them than you could with a SATA SSD. Its random performance figures aren't quite as impressive, but still exceed that of the best SATA SSDs.

Note that the Crucial P2 is extremely affordable as it uses QLC NAND without a DRAM cache. That means it's not ideal for use as your primary drive that Windows lives on. By contrast, a TLC drive with a DRAM cache like the Crucial P5 would cost more to manufacture (and to buy), but would offer better sustained performance. However, it's perfectly fine for game and media storage, and it still represents a significant upgrade over a SATA SSD (or - gasp! - a hard drive) in any measure.

If you'd like to take a look at some other DF-recommended drives, we have a guide to the best gaming SSDs elsewhere on Eurogamer.

Thanks for joining us for another deals post, and stay tuned to @dealsfoundry on Twitter for more UK tech deals as we discover them!

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