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Diablo 3 will support PayPal

Unlike Anonymous.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Diablo 3 real-money auction house will use online payment service PayPal, Blizzard has announced.

PayPal will also soon be a payment option in "several" regions.

Diablo 3's real-money auction house allows gamers to sell their spoils collected during play to other players. There's been hot debate about the feature, which will allow gamers with deep pockets to buy their way to power.

Diablo 3 has no solid release date, although Blizzard "is working hard to ship [Diablo 3] before the end of the year", according to company president and co-founder Mike Morhaime.

It's entirely possible, however, that Blizzard will trumpet a Diablo 3 date from the BlizzCon rooftops when the annual fanfest opens on Friday, 21st October.

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