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Devolver's multiplayer prison survival gameshow Scum launches on Steam Early Access in August

I'm the daddy now.

Devolver's Scum (not the 1979 Ray Winstone film) will launch on Steam Early Access this August.

Scum is an online multiplayer survival game set in a brutal and bizarre open world where prisoners fight for the amusement of spectators, making them contestants and stars of a sort. As with Hunger Games, your prowess will attract sponsors, who'll give powerful gifts, and you can even be resurrected by the show's producers if you die.

Cover image for YouTube videoSCUM - Early Access Teaser Trailer
The E3 Steam Early Access teaser.

Scum's boasts a eye-opening amount of character customisation and progression, and even goes so far as to track your nourishment and metabolic rate. Check out a few of the developer diaries so far.

Cover image for YouTube videoSCUM - Character creation & Customization [Pre-alpha]
Cover image for YouTube videoSCUM - Metabolism Part 01 [Pre-Alpha]
Cover image for YouTube videoSCUM - Vaulting & Climbing [Pre-Alpha]

Scum is made by Croatian team Gamepires with the help of Serious Sam developer Croteam. It's powered by Unreal Engine 4.