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Devolver exec wants to reprise Seaman

Yoot Saito suggests a smartphone game.

Publisher Devolver Digital has made quite the name for itself in recent years by taking on such popular fringe titles as Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior and Hatoful Boyfriend. Now, its chief financial officer, Fork Parker, is trying to expand its diverse catalogue to include a follow-up to Sega's extraordinarily bizarre 1999 virtual pet simulator Seaman.

Seaman was narrated by Leonard Nimoy and the character was voiced by Jeff Kramer of Deadly Premonition fame.

"Hey @SEGA please let us nerds at @DevolverDigital have the license to create a new Seaman game. Pretty please," Parker wrote on Twitter.

"Hi, if you still own the rights to Seaman then let's make a new one," he added in a tweet to Seaman creator Yoot Saito.

Amazingly, Saito responded and seemed interested. "Hi. For smartphone?" he asked.

"Maybe PC and smartphone?" Parker replied.

The conversation seemed to fizzle out there, but who knows where this will lead.

There were murmurs of Seaman coming to 3DS in Japan back in 2012, but that never actually happened. Saito since teased a reboot of the franchise, but that too never came to fruition, and Nintendo ostensibly trademarked the series last year.

We've asked Devolver if it's heard anything back from Sega or Saito since this conversation transpired and will update should any further developments occur.