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Seaman Santa may swim down your drain pipe later this year

Have you been naughty or nice?

Dreamcast curio Seaman could be getting a revival this holiday season if creator Yoot Saito's terrifying concept art is to be believed.

Saito recently tweeted that it was time to start thinking about the end of the year and attached the horrifying image of half man/half fish Seaman sporting a Santa costume (thanks Andriasang), suggesting the beloved virtual pet may resurface in some form later this year for some holiday cheer.

This gives credence to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei's online edition last February stating that Nintendo is planning to revive the bizarre title for 3DS.

It's unclear if the mysterious Seaman project is a new game, remake or virtual console port.

The microphone-based pet-sim caused quite a splash when it was released in Japan in 1999, becoming one of the biggest selling Dreamcast games.

In the English language version, the narrator was voiced by Leonard Nimoy, aka TV's Spock.

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