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Seaman creator doing DS game

It'll be online and everything.

Good news for fans of weird old Dreamcast title Seaman - its creator, Yoot Saito, is currently working on a new game for the Nintendo DS.

Speaking to the official Nintendo of Europe website, Saito said: "The Nintendo DS is a wonderful handheld. We're working on a different title right now that will use the network and microphone, but unfortunately I can't really discuss it yet."

Seaman, you may recall, also used voice input technology - you had to use a microphone to communicate with some a bizarre fish/human type creature. Last September, SEGA announced that a sequel to the game was in development, but we've heard nothing since.

It doesn't necessarily follow that Seaman 2 is going to appear on DS, though - who knows, it could even be a version of Odama, Saito's crazy feudal Japanese pinball title for the GameCube. Or, judging by what we know of him, something completely different; but just as mental in its own way, obviously.

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