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Details emerge for Nanostray 2

Touch-screen controls in.

Developer Shin'en has released a barrage of new details for shoot-'em-up sequel Nanostray 2.

Unfortunately, while you can use Wi-Fi to upload your high scores to a worldwide leaderboard this time around, the game will still rely on local co-operative multiplayer.

But Shin'en has added the new and promised touch-screen control system. Apparently this will make for a completely new experience, and if it's one you don't like, you can always switch back to the Classic Control scheme.

The main Adventure mode is touted to be bigger and better than ever, and will now let you customise your weaponry before each mission starts - helpful for taking on the hundreds of different enemies and 16 meaty bosses.

You'll be able to unlock new arcade games and play them in a simulator mode, and each is promised to be a new experience and not a rehash of an old classic. The rather pointless Challenge mode that lets you achieve certain goals in a scenario is back, too, as is the high-score focused Arcade mode.

John Walker got his hands on the first game early last year and found it to be a solid effort. It didn't do anything wrong, he reckoned, but it also failed to really stand out. Head over to his Nanostray review to find out more.

A release date for Nanostray 2 is yet to be announced.